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Fall Themeless League Every Monday in October and November

Registration is Now Open!


2023 Fall League Calendar.png

Unfamiliar with the fall themeless league? Check out this introduction video

made by director John Lieb!

Directors: Andrew Kingsley and John Lieb

Puzzle Editor: Brad Wilber

And Thank You to Our Awesome Partners. Click their logos below to check them out!

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2023 Fall League puzzle pack and all past puzzles are available for purchase below.

There are 3 levels to the Fall Themeless League . . . which one should I sign up for?

STORMY is the most challenging level, clued a little bit harder than a Saturday NYT. 

CHOPPY is clued like a Friday NYT. 

SMOOTH is clued like a Tuesday NYT.

Still unsure? Try out any level of the new practice puzzle below to see the level that suits you best!


Note: If you are unable to pay the full $30 or $40 to compete in the Fall Themeless League, there is a $5 discount rate (marked with a 'D' in the drop-down menus below) that you are welcome to pay instead. 

Note: If you do not participate in the Fall Themeless League but would still like to solve the puzzles from the league, you can purchase them here! You will receive the puzzles after the league ends on Tuesday, November 28.

Note: "WW" stands for Winter Wondersolve, our February event which includes five puzzles (four themed and one themeless)

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Boswords T-Shirts

(Mint or Navy)

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T-Shirt -- $30

(Price includes shipping)


A percentage of the proceeds from the Boswords 2023 Summer Tournament will be donated to each of the three charities below. Of course, we welcome you to donate to these organizations on your own. Please click the links below to view their sites and contribute.  

May Huang

May Huang (she/her) started constructing crosswords in 2020, and has been published in the LA Times, Universal, USA Today, Inkubator, and elsewhere. She was a member of the inaugural Lil AVC X roster and is currently on the Puzzle Society's Modern Midi roster. She and her husband Kevin Trickey run Crossworthy Construct, a free, browser-based construction platform. She is also a literary translator and avid swing dancer.

Jill Denny and Jeff Chen

Jeff Chen (he/him) is a writer who also makes crossword puzzles for the NYT and other major publications. In previous careers, he was a mechanical engineer listed on 8 US patents, and then co-founded a pharmaceutical company which went public in 2014. He’s an avid rock climber and inconceivably terrible bridge player. He’s 75% of the way toward his lifetime goal of donating 20 gallons of blood (not all at once). He counts his lucky stars that his wife, Jill Denny, hasn't run away screaming. Yet.

Sam Ezersky

Sam Ezersky (he/him) is the digital puzzles editor for the New York Times. Although his byline appears daily on digital games like Spelling Bee and Letter Boxed, his "first love" will always be the Crossword; his first grid ran in The Times when he was 17 years old, and he's had dozens published since. Sam is jealous he can't compete in Boswords this time around, but is honored to be part of the rotation … and plans to offer up something a bit crunchier than what you'd see in The Gray Lady.

Amie Walker

Amie Walker (she/her) is an attorney currently enjoying some time as a stay-at-home parent in Chandler, Arizona. Her puzzles have appeared in the LA Times, Universal Crosswords, the Inkubator, and USA Today, with more to come. She enjoys singing in her women's choir (they're currently working on arrangements of "Landslide" and "You Learn") and introducing her three little girls to the classics (90s rock and early aughts pop).

Grace and Greg Warrington

Grace (she/her; age: 15 years) and Greg (he/him; age: not telling) live in northern Vermont.  When not at her day job as a sophomore in high school, Grace can be found reading, going down rock-music-esoterica rabbit holes, practicing the guitar, or constructing crossword puzzles with her dad, Greg Warrington (he/him). Greg is a mathematics professor at the University of Vermont and enjoys juggling, astronomy and photography. Greg and Grace have been solving and constructing together for two year

Tom Pepper

Tom Pepper (he/him) has been making crosswords since 2012. He fell down the themeless rabbit hole 4 years ago and hasn’t found his way out yet. Before retiring in 2021, Tom was finance director for the city of Eagan, MN. For more than 20 years now, he has also co-taught a course through NAMI for family members of people living with mental health conditions. When he’s not puzzling or planning his next trip with Terri to see his four-month-old granddaughter in NC, Tom enjoys playing golf and piano

Cathy Cetta

Cathy started constructing right before the pandemic which happened to be a couple of years into her retirement. She has published crosswords in most of the usual outlets and has enjoyed improving her skill through trial and error and all of the excellent editor feedback she has received. When she is not constructing or solving, she likes to be active and spends time hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening, and playing tennis. She also likes to paint. She lives on Cape Cod with her partner, Julie.

Brad Wilber

Brad Wilber (he/him) is a librarian and a writer originally from central New York. His crossword constructing resume includes many themeless puzzles, both solo and in collaboration. He was the last editor (2014-2020) of the now-discontinued Chronicle of Higher Education crossword. More recently, besides his work at Boswords, he has become part of the testing team at the New York Times.

John Lieb

John Lieb (he/him) teaches Math and coaches football and baseball at The Roxbury Latin School. He loves every aspect of organizing Boswords! Thank you for solving with us!!

Andrew Kingsley

Andrew Kingsley (he/him) teaches English and history courses at the Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. If this photo is making you like his Boswords shirt, you can now purchase one of your own on our site!

2023 Summer Tournament 
2023 Spring Themeless League Scoreboard
2023 Winter Wondersolve Scoreboard
2022 Fall Themeless League Scoreboards
2022 Summer Tournament 
2022 Spring Themeless League
2022 Winter Wondersolve Scoreboard
2021 Fall Themeless League Scoreboards
2021 Spring Themeless League Scoreboards
2020 Fall Themeless League Scoreboards

          Event Address:

 The Roxbury Latin School

  101 St. Theresa Avenue

West Roxbury, MA, 02132

Note: Parking is FREE. Enter the front gate of the school and we will direct you to the parking lot and the tournament hall. 

Public Transportation

Roxbury Latin is located on the MBTA busline. From Forest Hills Station take either the Charles River bus or the Stimson via Belgrade. Get off on Centre Street at St. Theresa Avenue. The School is at the top of the hill on the right.

An Uber/Lyft ride from Forest Hills (last stop of Orange Line) to Roxbury Latin costs approximately $15.

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