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Sunday afternoon, February 5


Directors: Andrew Kingsley and John Lieb

Puzzle Editor: Brad Wilber

Video Maestro: Rob Gonsalves

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2022 Fall League puzzle pack and all past puzzles are available for purchase below.

There are three levels to the Fall Themeless League . . . Which one should I sign up for?

STORMY is the most challenging level, clued a little bit harder than a Saturday NYT.

CHOPPY is clued like a Friday NYT.

SMOOTH is clued like a Tuesday NYT.

Still unsure? Try out any level of the new practice puzzle below to see the level that suits you best!

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Note: If you are unable to pay the full $30 or $40 to complete in the Fall Themeless League, there is a $5 discount rate (marked with a 'D' in the drop-down menus below) that you are welcome to pay instead. 

Note: If you aren't participating in the Fall Themeless League but would still like the puzzles from the league, you can purchase all 11 here! You will receive the puzzles via email after the league ends on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Note: "WW" stands for Winter Wondersolve,

our February event which includes five

puzzles (four themed and one themeless)

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A percentage of the proceeds from the Boswords 2022 Fall Themeless League will be donated to each of the three charities below. Of course, we welcome you to donate to these organizations on your own. Please click the links below to view their sites and contribute.  

Malaika Handa

In her Puzzle Life, Malaika Handa (she/her/hers) makes 10x10 puzzles for Vulture, recaps puzzles on Crossword Fiend and rexwordpuzzle, and looks up entries that are too hard. In her Regular Life, she plays volleyball (middle blocker), reads contemporary romance novels, and hangs out at cocktail bars that serve dessert. In her Dream Life, she is on a beach with her cellphone on airplane mode.

Natan Last

Natan Last (he/him) works in refugee and immigration policy and advocacy and lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he was born and raised. He also writes essays and poetry, and is currently working on a nonfiction book about crosswords for Pantheon Books. He has been writing puzzles since he was 16 and teaches classes on crossword construction for Jewish Association Serving the Aging (JASA) and Atlas Obscura. You can find him on Twitter at @natanlast.

Kelsey Dixon

Kelsey Dixon (she/her) is a career Chicagoan. When not scaling the Sears Tower for fun or admiring her reflection in The Bean, she is gazing lovingly at the 26 miles of pristine, sparkling lakefront the city has to offer. The bulk of her puzzles can be found on the blog Crosstina Aquafina, her pride and joy. She also constructs for Lil AVCX, Crossword Club, and USA Today.

Brendan Emmett Quigley

How was your summer? Brendan Emmett Quigley went on a cycling tour of the Loire valley with his girls where he can confirm that the Loire actually exists outside of crosswords. His proudest moment on the journey was successfully asking for peanut butter in French in a tiny supermarket in the village of Avoine. Yay, Duolingo! This fall, he's looking forward to watching the Patriots go 4-13, and hopefully a much better campaign for Arsenal.

Chandi Deitmer

When not obsessing over puzzles and words, Chandi (she/her) enjoys eating things, seeing things, and anthropomorphizing things. She lives in Cambridge, MA, with her sweetie heart silly feline furrbutt Marlowe H. Bucket. She probably wants to be your friend - hi!

Barbara Lin

Barbara Lin (she/her) is an engineer who lives in suburban Philadelphia. Her Boston connection: she and her husband have two adult sons, both of whom live in the Boston area, and both of whom like crosswords. She started constructing crosswords in 2019, and her work has appeared in a number of venues. When not at home or in Boston, she can be found visiting national parks.

Derek Allen

Derek Allen (he/him) is an accountant originally from Cassopolis, MI, but living currently in Mishawaka, IN. When not solving puzzles (which is a daily occurrence!), he tries to run, ride his bike, and/or watch sports, especially tennis. Derek has had puzzles in the New York Times, has run three marathons, and has appeared on Jeopardy! and Sports Jeopardy!

Kate Chin Park

Kate (she/her) is a perennially-overcommitted crossword collaborator with puzzles in newspapers, crossword outlets, tournaments, and These Puzzles Fund Abortion Too. She posts irreverent and/or indignant indie puzzles on her blog, crosswords schmosswords. Sometimes she looks at the XWordInfo stats on women constructors just to get good and mad.

Portia Lundie

Portia Lundie works in film and commercial production in New York City and has spent over a decade leading educational programs that promote youth development. Portia's crosswords aim to express her love of language and human connection through words.

Brad Wilber

Brad Wilber (he/him) is a librarian and a writer originally from central New York. His crossword constructing resume includes many themeless puzzles, both solo and in collaboration. He was the last editor (2014-2020) of the now-discontinued Chronicle of Higher Education crossword. More recently, besides his work at Boswords, he has become part of the testing team at the New York Times.

John Lieb

John Lieb (he/him) teaches Math and coaches football and baseball at The Roxbury Latin School. He loves every aspect of organizing Boswords! Thank you for solving with us!!

Andrew Kingsley

Andrew Kingsley (he/him) is entering his fourth year teaching at the Riverdale Country School in New York. He just moved back to Harlem, so if you live nearby, say hi!

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          Event Address:

 The Roxbury Latin School

  101 St. Theresa Avenue

West Roxbury, MA, 02132

Note: Parking is FREE. Enter the front gate of the school and we will direct you to the parking lot and the tournament hall. 

Public Transportation

Roxbury Latin is located on the MBTA busline. From Forest Hills Station take either the Charles River bus or the Stimson via Belgrade. Get off on Centre Street at St. Theresa Avenue. The School is at the top of the hill on the right.

An Uber/Lyft ride from Forest Hills (last stop of Orange Line) to Roxbury Latin costs approximately $15.

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